Tesla Songs: 10 Best Songs That Inspire Tesla Fans

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Tesla fans are often called “Teslaistas.” The company has created some of the most memorable Tesla songs in history, and they each have a special meaning to Tesla enthusiasts. Here are 10 of Tesla’s best songs that are must-hear for new and experienced Tesla fans alike.

Tesla Songs That Inspire

A lot of Tesla songs are inspirational in nature. The best songs to listen to while you’re on the way home from work, or when you just need a pick-me-up are the following:

Electric Heart – Tesla

You’re Not Alone – Tesla

Out of Control – Tesla

I’m Going Insane – Tesla

Love Song for a Vampire – Tesla

The Way It’s Supposed To Be – Tesla

Tesla Songs That Remind You of the Company

“Dare to Dream” is a song about the tenacity of Tesla fans. It’s about how they will always have hope in the face of adversity and that they will never give up on what they believe in.

Another Tesla Songs, “Tesla Heartbeat,” was written by lead singer Trent Reznor as a tribute to Tesla founder Elon Musk. The lyrics include “I see you / standing in the spotlight / with your electric heart beating steady.”

On an album called “Lost Highway” that was inspired by the film of the same name, there is a track named “White Knuckles.” The song discusses how people who love Tesla are always trying to find new ways to express their passion for their favorite car company.

Some other songs written about Tesla are “The Broken,” “Gone,” and “Queen.” This last one is about how great it would be if Tesla could grow into a larger company so it can compete with other automakers like Ford and Audi.

Finally, there is also a song from Nine Inch Nails called “Burning Bright (Field on Fire)”. It’s about how despite the many obstacles and setbacks that companies typically experience, individuals can still keep going because they have something that matters more than anything else – music.

Tesla Songs That Connect to Your Past

“Tesla Song” by Tesla

One of the first songs about Tesla, “Tesla Song” is a beautifully haunting song that resonates with every Tesla fan. It tells the story of the company’s struggle to achieve success and its eventual triumph. The song has become a staple among Tesla-loving fans.

“Tessie” by Tesla

The inspiration for this song came from Nikola Tesla himself, who reportedly said that he wanted to build a machine that could fly through the sky on an electricity current. The song was written in honor of his birthday and was used as part of a promotional campaign for what we now know as “TESSIE,” which stands for Torque Electrostatic Synchronous Induction Electric Engine. It’s one of Tesla’s most recognizable songs and is perfect for anyone who loves cars or science fiction.

“Heaven’s Open Wide” by Tesla

This powerful ballad is about how people can love one another despite any differences between them. It has been covered by many famous singers over the years, including Michael Jackson, Johnny Cash, and even Jackie Evancho herself! This song is inspiring to anyone who yearns for love (or someone else) regardless of race or background.

“Dare Devil Dog” by Tesla

This upbeat tune is about not letting fear stop you from exploring your life to its fullest potential. Even after all these years, it remains a lot of fun to listen to and

Tesla Songs That Connect to the Future

Tesla Songs” is a song about the future. Tesla has always been a company that has been ahead of its time and this is one of the many reasons why it is such a popular brand. With future plans to build solar roofs and electric cars, Tesla fans know that they are not just purchasing entertainment with their purchase, but also a stake in the company’s future.

#1 “Green Light Boogie”

This song was written by George Clinton and performed by The Fantastic Four back in 1972. It was released on an album called “Electric Funk.” This song has been played at Tesla shows as well as other concerts since then. In fact, it was featured on an episode of “South Park.”

#2 “Tie Me Down”

The titular song off Tesla’s album “Ride” is one that helps show how passionate Tesla fans can be. This song tells the story of someone who cannot stop thinking about their love for their Tesla car. They are constantly thinking about what it would be like to have it around them all the time and feeling them against them when they sleep soundly at night or wake up in the morning.

#3 “Tell Me Where To Go”

Another title track off Ride is this one where the protagonist leaves his job because he doesn’t feel appreciated and he doesn’t want to be treated poorly anymore. He wants to go out into the world and see what else there is out there because he thinks life will be better if

Tesla Songs That Connect with Someone Else

“The Man Who Sold The World” by David Bowie is one of the best Tesla songs. It was written in honor of Tesla and his inventions, and it talks about how he always wanted to be the man who sold the world. This song was released as a single before Bowie became famous, but this isn’t his only Tesla-inspired song. “Space Oddity” is also a great Tesla song that is worth listening to.

Other songs worth listening to include “Dare You To Move,” “Rivers of Gold,” and “Drive All Night.” They all have special meanings for Tesla fans because they were written by Tesla himself or because they talk about his inventions.

10 More Tesla songs you should listen to

“Tesla” – Tesla

“You Ain’t Going Nowhere” – Tesla

“Oceans of Space” – Tesla

“Song for a Future Generation” – Tesla

“The Final Countdown” – Europe

“See You Again” – Wiz Khalifa feat. Charlie Puth

“I Will Always Love You” – Whitney Houston

“Jump in the Line (Shake, Shake, Shake)”- Ohio Players

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