Top 10 Tips To Preventing Bicycle Accidents.

Top 10 Tips To Preventing Bicycle Accidents
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Wear a Helmet

The National Bicycle Helmet and Safety Institute recommends that, as adults, we use a bicycle helmet at all times when cycling. If you are riding a bicycle you need to protect your head.

Check your bicycle accident attorneys. Check that your bicycle has:

Tyres. Check that the front tyre is at least 2.25″ wide and that the rear tyre is at least 1.75″ wide. Tyres should be replaced every 1,000-1,500km.

An Urban Bicycle Helmet

Check that your bicycle helmet has:

A wide shell. The helmet must be a minimum of 1.25″ in width, and should be fitted tightly.

A chin bar. The chin bar must be at least 1″ long, and adjustable. The helmet is a safety device, so should not have straps, buckles or clips.

A foam shell.

Get A Good Lock

If you lock your bicycle to a metal fence, you run the risk of having the lock taken from you. If you use a locking cable or U-lock, that means the thief has to climb over the fence. Or they will have to take the bike to get to the lock.

One of the best, easiest and most secure methods is to use a combination lock or key to lock your bike to a heavy fixed object, such as the side of a garage. By using a flat screwdriver or bolt cutter, you can disable the lock.

Having a pre-paid or rent-to-own parking permit at your workplace or home will help you park in a garage or secure area of your home, or in a garage belonging to a family member.

Check The Tires

Check the tread on your front and rear tires as well as the brake pads. If you can feel any drips of water, or if your rear tire has bulges, the tires may be worn.

Keep Your Bike Fluid Fluid

Your bike chain will get sludge in it over time so ensure that you keep a few tubes of your bike’s fluid with you and treat the chain with it each time you ride. Make sure that you let the chain dry out before you put it back together again.

Use Road Wheels

Road racing bikes are built with road wheels. If you’re racing on the road, use road wheels as they will give you a smoother ride and keep you out of harm’s way.

Keep Your Hands Close To The Handlebars

Your hands should be fairly close to your handlebars. Using your hands to steer or manage brakes can be very dangerous and cause a crash.

Get A Bell And Lights

Above all, be visible, whether it’s during daylight hours or darkness! A bell and flashing lights can give you peace of mind and make you an easy target for an accident.

The latest bell technology has made it easy and convenient for cyclists to attach their own bells. There are a variety of styles and options that will suit any style of riding.

Adjust your equipment to suit your riding style.

Top 10 Designs To Wear or Not Wear To Avoid Accidents

Regardless of what style you ride, always ride smart, wear your helmet, and put on a reflective clothing or jacket.

Take extra care in icy conditions, as ice can be hidden on your lens or lens cover.

Always Ride Straight

Read all the way through your route before setting off.

Read all the way through your route before setting off. Look For Warnings And Lights

With new laws in place to protect bike riders from cars, it’s even more important to be observant.

With new laws in place to protect bike riders from cars, it’s even more important to be observant. Stay In Shape

You’ll stay safer if you stay fit.

You’ll stay safer if you stay fit. Wear Seat Belts

As a general rule, the faster you pedal, the more the pedal-actuation forces you experience, especially at lower speeds.

As a general rule, the faster you pedal, the more the pedal-actuation forces you experience, especially at lower speeds. Wear A Helmet

Don’t ride without a helmet.

Stay To The Right Side Of The Road

Stay To The Right Side Of The Road


Bicycle crashes are a national and international problem, and yet we know much about what causes these accidents:

Carpool drivers need to pay attention to what’s going on on the roadway, especially when you’re about to cross in front of them. There is an unspoken communication that takes place between driver and cyclist. Car drivers need to be vigilant and give bike riders the same amount of room you give to your children in a school crossing.

Not only are bicyclists vulnerable to rear-end collisions from larger motor vehicles, but large trucks also are prone to running them off the road if they don’t give them enough room on the narrow side. Remember to keep your hands free to fix your brakes if necessary.

Stay Off Unpaved Roads

Leave A Note If You Have To Switch From Road To Bike Lane

Put Your Phone Away When Cycle Riding

Keep Your Bike Positioned Properly

Slow Down And Be Alert

Ride On A Road That Was Paved Before 2000

Do Not Disturb Pedestrians

Do Not Let Your Phone Take Over

Watch Out For Deer

Follow Bike Laws

Motorist Safety Checklist for Cyclists

Look Ahead Before Stopping

Lean Into A Stop

Stay Out Of Cars

Watch For Turning Cars

Wait Before Switching Tracks

Always Use A Headlight

Bike Safety Checklist

[1] The ACSH’s letter stated that, in 2012, 17,100 people were killed in motor vehicle accidents and 981,000 were injured.[11]

The most recent figures show that 17,051 people were killed in automobile accidents in the United States in 2012, down from the record high of 18,640 in 2011.

Make Sure You’re Visible

Remember that the weather can make it hard to spot cyclists. On a clear day, you’ll need to make sure you have your headlight and high beams on. You also need to keep your sunglasses on to protect your eyes from the harsh UV rays of the sun. Keep your clothes light coloured as well to make you more noticeable.

Plan Ahead

You should always be aware of your surroundings when riding. Pay attention to everything and make sure you’re always on the lookout for any potential hazards. Bicycles are easy to move around and can be used to transport small items such as shopping, as well as items such as rakes, bags, and BBQs. You should therefore have a set of bike lights if you’re a tourist and have any equipment on your bike.

Watch Out For Cars Turning Right

Watch Out For Cars Turning Right

5-9 Tips For Great Riding

5-9 Tips For Great Riding

Bicycle Best Safety Practices

Bicycle Best Safety Practices

Before Driving a Bike, Before Riding a Bike

Bicycle Best Safety Practices

My First Bike Crash | Planning Your First Ride

My First Bike Crash | Planning Your First Ride

Those hills really make it tough to turn.

Those hills really make it tough to turn.

Be Aware Of What’s Around You.

Photo by Joe Coppola via Getty Images

Bicycle fatalities are declining around the world but the country with the highest number of such incidents in 2013, was the United States.

The number of annual fatalities of bicycle riders in the country reached 609 in 2013, down 7 per cent from the previous year, according to the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

The NHTSA attributed the decrease in part to new measures introduced after a 14-year-old boy was killed in a crash in Virginia in 2011.

Cycling had accounted for 10 per cent of all traffic deaths in the country in 2010 but now comprises just 4.4 per cent.

In Britain, figures from 2013 show more than 400 cyclists were killed and 5,800 were seriously injured in road accidents, according to the British Transport Police.

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